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Why Quintessence ?

You can't  the number of times we were  asked  this question with all nuances: why having started this adventure in our own home? Isn't it difficult to live in a house full of objects ? Not complicated to open all the WE? Why launching an E-shop?  In the end it makes many questions, for a single answer : passion for  beautiful objects and  gardens.

Manu and I have been sharing a common sensibility for  interior design and nature   for more than 15 years and however surprising it can appear, the passion is the only term which allows us to explain what makes  Quintessence so original and  justifies all what we have been developping  up to here.

Welcoming guests at home and in the  garden every weekend was an unknown concept in the region and even less in the village and nevertheless it is working perfectly wel !
At home  you will find, a wide range of decoration objects , accessories , small classic and design furniture for the house as well as ' fashion accessories.

The garden of 25 hundred square meters will offer you an attractive green walk. You can discover  horticultural arrangements and the collections  spread on the route. Gladys and Phoebe, our two adorable English Springer Spaniel will be very happy to walk with you and ask you for throwing the the tennis ball ! Kids are loving it !

We base ourselves on 5 concepts:

1. Originality

You will never find at our home products simply because they are fashionable". We choose our products because they inspire us and because we would love to place all of  them in our home or in the garden. We wish to get our own identity  and we  do not surf on the fashion wave.:-)

2. Close business relations  with our suppliers

Nous connaissons personnellement toutes les firmes ( de petite ou de moyenne taille) avec lesquelles nous travaillons et les rencontrons tous deux fois par an durant nos voyages. Nous développons avec chacun d’entre eux une excellente relation de confiance et de travail.

3. Ethical and creative aspects

We are very careful for the  manufacturing conditions of every product. We work mostly with European  manufacturers in Europe or in India . We propose also  collections  from  fair trade as well as collections (designed) by young creators.

4. The communication

We constantly try to inspire you by sharing with you our discoveries, our ideas, whether  on our page Facebook or simply in store A communication which places you in the center of our concerns and of our discussions. We do our best so that you are delighted with your visit at our home.

5. Welcoming you

The house and the garden  become yours every weekend. We do our best to welcome you warmly and to guide you at best. You will also have the opportunity to invite craftsmen which will share with you their passion during our  events organized 4 times a year
We are regularly assisted by reliable persons who  will help you gladly.
We are always at your disposal to help you and advise you to find  the object which will please you or  your close friends. We accept naturally  exchanges if for whatever reason a gift did not meet your expectations